How do you celebrate Christmas?


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5 comments on “How do you celebrate Christmas?”

  1. on the christmas day I wake up at 9.00 then I get up after that, I go to see if Santa ate the biscuits and drunk the milk. After, with my brother and sister I go to open the presents under the tree and I read the letters.
    At 12:30 pm I have tasty and traditional starters with my family and then I have lunch. After that If there is snow I play with some snowballs but this year there isn’t any. In the afternoon I go to the christmas of market in the evening I drink hot chocolate and I invite my friends in my house then we have a pijama party!!!! this is my christmas day!

  2. Our Christmas start at half past nine. Frist we have a breakfast, Than we open our presents and help our mum for Christmas lunch. At half past eleven start the lunch with appetizers with first courses with second courses and with second courses. After that we play at tombola with uncles and grandparents and cousins.

  3. Every year I celebrate Christmas Day with my family.
    In the morning I wake up early and I open my present. At 11:30 my grandparents come at my home and at 12:00 we have a biiiiig lunch. We eat two starters, as main course we eat some lasagne and as second course we eat a chiken. We rarely eat a dessert but some years we have ate a Christmas pudding. In the afternoon and in the evening we talk and we play with our presents.
    This is my typical Christmas Day, tell us something about yours!

  4. At Christmas I go to my grandparents, have a big lunch with the family, I take the presents and spend a wonderful day with my family.

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